American Folk Art Museum to exhibit African American self-taught art in Venice during Biennale

Bill Traylor / Farm Scene with Cow and Man / c. 1939-42 / Watercolor and graphite on cardboard / 14 x 22 in. / Collection Philadelphia Museum of Art, Bequest of Derrel DePasse, 2002 / Photo by Graydon Wood

The American Folk Art Museum (AFAM) is organizing an exhibition of work by African American self-taught artists and graffiti artists to coincide with the 2011 Venice Biennale. According to the New York Times Arts Beat, the month-long exhibition will open June 1 at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

I think the presence of American self-taught material will be welcomed, and that the juxtaposition of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi’s Renaissance architecture with the American artwork will be spectacular. I hope that AFAM will use this opportunity to show the range of ideas, materials, and techniques utilized by African American self-taught artists.

Do you have more information about this show? Which artists do you hope AFAM will include? Let us know in the comments! I will update this post as I hear more.

UPDATE: According to artnet, “Co-curators Martha Henry and Carlo McCormick have selected eight artists, all African Americans, who are each making a site-specific installation at the historic Fondaco dei Tedeschi on the Grand Canal. The four graffiti artists are Steven Ogburn (aka Blade), Chris Ellis (aka DAZE),Lin Felton (aka QUIK), and Aaron Goodstone (aka Sharp), and the four outsider artists are Lonnie Holley, Gregory Warmack (aka Mr. Imagination), Charlie Lucas (aka Tin Man), and Kevin Sampson.”


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