“Stranger in Paradise: The Works of Reverend Howard Finster” in Jacksonville

Howard Finster / The Super Powers / July 21, 1985 / Tractor enamel on wood / 48 × 48 in. / Courtesy John Denton

“Stranger in Paradise: The Works of Reverend Howard Finster” is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville through August 28, 2011. Celebrating the range of imagery in Finster’s fervently religious art, the exhibition includes works revealing angels, UFOs, and historical and popular figures interspersed with bible passages and declarations of faith.

Finster created art in service to his faith and as a way to spread his religious message. While he became a well known figure in popular culture (designing album cover art for both REM and the Talking Heads), Finster’s art nevertheless revolved around spirituality.

Organized by the Krannert Art Museum, “Stranger in Paradise” considers the layout of Finster’s Paradise Gardens, where the artist both created and displayed his work beginning in the 1970s. Enjoy this installation shot, from the museum’s Facebook page, which hints at the way Finster’s portrait busts were staggered on the ground within his garden.

Installation at MOCA Jacksonville / Photo by Ben Thompson


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