The Museum of Everything Coming to London Department Store

Harald Stoffers (Galerie der Villa, Germany) / Courtesy The Museum of Everything

Beginning September 2, the Museum of Everything’s Exhibition #4 will be on view in Selfridges, an established British department store. Occupying the windows and exhibition space of the Oxford Street, London, branch, the show will be accompanied by the “Shop of Everything,” which will sell clothes and products inspired by the displayed works. Proceeds from the shop will benefit the Museum.

Exhibition #4 will showcase works from around the globe, including those by established self-taught artist Judith Scott as well as by lesser known outsider artmakers. The shop will sell clothes by Clements Ribeiro and shoes by Tracey Neuls designed in response to the artworks.

This exhibition is breaking the mold in so many interesting ways. By bringing a museum to a public shopping space, the works will be accessible to many new audiences who would never think or wish to visit a traditional museum setting. The connection between fashion designers and the Museum might also be particularly fruitful, as the intricate, colorful works in this exhibition should certainly inspire creativity. If the MET’s recent Alexander McQueen exhibition is any indication, fashion as an art form is craved by the public, and I am excited to see how fashion, as directly inspired by outsider artworks, will be adopted or accepted.

Exhibition #4 will remain on view through October 25, 2011.

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